Profile Aero HC System

Check out the Profile Aero HC hydration system. It has a capacity of 828ml and is easy to refill using the flip-cap on top. It also has a built in computer mount behind the bottle and it comes complete with the bottle cage and all the fixings.

Great reviews on these and finally got them after being on order for weeks. 

For more details click on the following link Aero HC 

Treadmill Run using Bryton Cardio 40 Running Watch
Went for a steady 5 mile treadmill run using a Bryton Cardio 40 running watch and my Garmin. A couple of interesting things :

The total distance based on my stride length was pretty much the same as the distance on the treadmill which is good news.

Heart rate on the treadmill was way off. The Bryton and Garmin were identical for heart rate. The treadmill was 20 bpm higher!! I wondered why in the past it kept telling me to slow down and how remarkably good I felt for someone who was about to pop an artery :-)  Treadmill run


New Website

Great to have the new website up and running. Thanks again to Dave Hawkins for all his help in setting it up for us.

Great News From Cyclescheme

You can now buy just safety equipment through CYCLESCHEME. The process is the same as buying a bike and the minimum spend is £100. We've listed the items below that you are allowed to purchase on the scheme. If you need any more information please contact us on 01834 845573.

Safety Equipment Allowed:

- Cycle helmets

- Lights

- Bells and bulb horns

- Locks and chains

- Mirrors

- Mud guards

- Children’s seats

- Reflective and high-visibility clothing and accessories

- Panniers/luggage carriers

- Pumps, puncture repair kits/cycle tool kits

Triathlon Events in Tenby

The Long Course Weekend triathlon is run by Activity Wales. This is partly based on the Iron man Wales route, but over three days, 12th, 13th & 14th July. An amazing weekend with the option of doing 1 or all 3 disciplines. With an option of a shorter swim, half marathon and 40, 72 or 112 mile bike ride. Lots of athletes use this as a training aid for the Iron Man event, which will take place for the third time in Tenby on September 8th. For more information click on the following link : Long Course Weekend

If you need any last minute repairs or spares don't hesitate to contact us here at Tenby Cycles. We are on the Long Course Bike Route, and the Ironman run route, situated opposite North Beach where the swim section for both these events take place.

If you are looking for accommodation with secure bike storage during the event, check out the Esplanade Hotel, South Beach, Tenby. You'll be given a warm welcome by owners, Julie and Peter. Ckick on the following link for more information : Esplanade Hotel